Knox Wealth Partners Business Owner Advisory Group

  Knox Wealth Partners Business Owner Advisory Group specializes in financial consulting services for business owners.  With a keen eye on recognizing the unique qualities of each company, KWP's Business Owner Advisory Group helps owners evaluate the tensions of business life.  Whether you're juggling commitments to family, employees or optimizing how your company is used for wealth creation, our specialized advisors work alongside you to assess how these daily tensions at times compete for resources as well as complement one another.  Knox Wealth Partners' Business Owner Advisory Group offers unique experience strengthening and building local businesses in the Knoxville and surrounding areas.









Porter Alexander CFP®,  best described as an innovative thinker and problem solver. With over a decade of experience in the Financial Services industry, Porter's hallmark has been to understand each client specifically and to assess the often unintended benefit or consequence of the solutions being implemented. He draws from his wide knowledge of business, investment, and accounting concepts to get to the root of the issues in order to design a strategy with the goal of assisting owners with growing their business, saving on taxes, keeping their employees and positioning seamless retirement.






Chuck Farmer ChFC® CLU® has over 20 years of experience and is a veteran of the financial services industry. Chuck specializes in delivering option-driven products and services for his business, estate, and retirement planning clients. He enhances the company's expertise in the areas of business continuation planning, income and estate planning, and business employee relations and development.