Our Process

Define.  The first step in building a relationship with our clients starts with getting to know their story.  What keeps them up at night?  What kind of legacy do they want to leave their children?  What do they want to do when they retire?  Let's face it, these are all million dollar questions and oftentimes it's hard to know where to start to develop a solid plan.  Knox Wealth Partners Advisory has pioneered an innovative First Step to help define the key drivers to achieving your financial goals.  Whether you're just starting your 401K, preparing for your kid's college expenses, or planning for retirement, our advisors lean in to understand more than what's on your bank statement.  They get to know you.


Connect.  There are lots of pieces to a healthy financial outlook and often times it's hard to foresee how one decision can affect the next.  As a Second Step, Knox Wealth Partners Advisory will help you connect the dots.  That's what sets us apart from the rest.  We dig in and explore the big picture and evaluate how all of the pieces of your financial landscape fit together, which comes first, and how to balance the rest.  If your  planning needs call for professional in other fields, we are here to help by connecting you with professionals we know and trust.


Advise.  The Third Step of our process combines the intel we received from getting to know you and your goals coupled with a wealth of knowledge and expertise from our team of partners.  With over 75 years of combined experience, our advisors provide unique solutions and counsel to help you achieve your goals. We commit to walk alongside you and provide compassionate stewardship of your resources.


Knox Wealth Partners Advisory

Define. Connect. Advise.